Reiki is an Art That Everyone Can Learn

Reiki is a Japanese modality for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.  It is done by “the laying of hands” on or above the body.  The client remains fully clothed and receives the healing, soothing positive energy that flows through the practitioner. Reiki is oftentimes used as a holistic approach to healing.  Reiki dates back to the early 1920’s developed by Mikao Usui, a Buddhist Monk.  Reiki is gaining in popularity in the Western and there are now many variations and ramifications from the original version developed by Usui.  Reiki is an art that everyone can learn.  A Reiki Master is someone who has studied Reiki to the Third level and has become a Teacher.  The Master/Teacher is then prepared to teach and "atune" new students to the frequency of Reiki.  Annette was introduced to Reiki and immediately felt the benefits of practicing it.  She gradually studied all levels and became a Reiki Master and now teaches the technique to new students.